About the boat rental

The boat rental is located at mini camping de Groote Wijzend. The camping charactarizes itself especially by its location: situated at more than 400 kilometers of canals through nature and villages.

The boat rental holds 2 motorized boats and 4 Canadian kanoes which are especially suitable for groups and families.  

Please contact us for rental options.

Would you like to have the sail routes on your mobile phone? Please, follow the guide:

1. Make sure you have a Google-account at: https://myaccount.google.com

2. Click here to add the sail routes to your account.

3. Download the mobile app 'Google Maps' on your mobile phone, and make sure you are logged in.

4. Open the menu in the left upper corner and click 'My Places' followed by 'My Maps'.

5. Click 'Vaarroutes vanaf Groote Wijzend'.

6. You will see your location and the sail routes. Please make sure to allow the application to use your location (GPS).

Please contact Kees Noordeloos at 0031651351342 if you have any questions about the boat rental.

Ideal for groups!

The boats of boat rental Lutjebroek can hold up to 20 people.

The more the merrier!

More than 400 kilometers of canals!

The canals situated in the region of Lutjebroek are as long as 400 kilometers! Long and short routes: there's something for everyone!

  • The stretched out canals of West- Friesland
  • Amazing for a day of fishing
  • Straight through the historic canals of the VOC city of Enkhuizen
  • Multiple recreational areas accessible by sailing

The perfect activity for your holiday!

Combine the boat rental with a holiday at Minicamping de Groote wijzend!

Please check the website of Minicamping de Groote Wijzend!